Epic Loop-2

We set out on Monday from Leavenworth, WA headed to Couer d’Alene, ID. We took a bit of a scenic route which took us a little longer than just heading straight to I-90 and driving on over. We drove Highway 2 in Quincy. Then we jogged about through the farmland for several miles until we […]

Epic Loop-1

Thursday we headed out of the Toute River RV resort at exit 52 on I-5. Destination one-Leavenworth. There is a Thousand Trails campground outside of town which means we stay for free as members! Yay! Much easier on the pocketbook than summer rental rates! We drove on I-5 for about 50 miles and exited at […]

Internal Paint

When I thought about the word paint, the first thing that came to mind was to decorate or adorn.  Webster’s simple definition of the verb is: To make (someone or something) more attractive by adding something beautiful. Like most women, I like to put on a nice dress, heels, do my nails, hair, and makeup […]

Born Stubborn

I’ve never been a super physically affectionate person. Mom says I would wiggle to get down instead of snuggle as a little girl. Apparently I had stuff to do, like ride my rocking horse for hours on end. Seems there was a bit of lazy in that stubborn too! After learning to roll over I […]

Heart Praise

Praise! We all seem to seek it. We seem to have a hard time giving it. It feels good when we get it. It feels bad when we don’t but feel as if we deserved it. What’s the big deal? Miriam Webster’s simple definition is: : to say or write good things about (someone or […]

Profound Simplicity

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked it. What are you doing for others? It’s really a simple question but one of profound importance. It is the question on which we evaluate our lives. The second command Christ gave, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” is the benchmark. But how does one go about loving their neighbor? […]

When an Apology

When we were raising our kids we taught them there is a time for a simple apology and a time to ask forgiveness. How do you know which is appropriate? An apology is for those occasions where something happened completely accidentally. I moved back in the checkout line and bump you I come around a […]