Divine Appointments

So sorry for the long hiatus from writing to you! Life has been wonderful, painful, joyous, depressing, happy, sad, and a sea of emotions between. These past few months have also been lonely. Weird, I know. You see traveling is lonely business. Even when traveling with my hubby and our three dogs. Technology has made […]

Quotes Challenge

Thank you Apothemary for nominating me as one of nine in this quote challenge. I am honored.  Today I choose: Live life to the fullest is what President Lincoln was getting at, at least in my humble opinion. Are there things in your life getting in the way of living your life in the years […]

Epic Loop-6

We spent three nights in Jackson, WY. We love Jackson. If you are RVing, stay at the Virginian RV park. There is a hotel attached and you can use the pool and spa too. Jackson’s bike paths are fabulous. There are miles and miles of paved paths and many miles¬†unpaved for the mountain bike enthusiast. […]

Epic Loop-5

Headed out of Butte about 10, driving on I-90 straight up until we crossed the continental divide. Super steep coming up, much gentler slope on the east side. Confusing now because all the rivers flow east. The river always flows west in toward the Columbia when you are from western Washington. I’m used to the […]

Epic Loop-4

Outstanding drive out of St. Regis toward Butte, Montana this morning. Glorious weather; temperature up in the 80’s before noon. Coach running smooth, car towing great, and bikes holding steady in the rack. A/C couldn’t keep up! Pumping diesel in Missoula, $2.35/gal. Not bad, total $225 in the tank. You know how it is when […]

Epic Loop-3

From Couer d’Alene we set out for St. Regis, Montana. It was only a 95 mile drive! However, it took a bit over three hours because we crossed into the Mountain Daylight Time zone. I really don’t like the spring forward thing. Never did and probably never well! The drive was beautiful. A couple places […]

Epic Loop-2

We set out on Monday from Leavenworth, WA headed to Couer d’Alene, ID. We took a bit of a scenic route which took us a little longer than just heading straight to I-90 and driving on over. We drove Highway 2 in Quincy. Then we jogged about through the farmland for several miles until we […]