Crisis Mode

Thinking about this word this morning, I realize we live in a perpetual state of crisis. Mike and I were talking about this and how we have been systematically desensitized to the pain of other people and of other nations. Just think for a moment, we are inundated with horrific scenes. Orlando: 49 dead and […]

First leg of epic loop

We have decided to head out from the great Pacific Northwest on our first real loop trip on August 4! We will be back in the area some time mid-June, 2017. A nine month long trip around the edges of the USA! We are sure to come across some awesome sights and experiences. We have […]

Family Camp

We spent this past week at Family Camp with our home church, Castle Rock Christian. My soul is soothed through the teaching, sharing, eating, walking, singing, and praying. My cup overfloweth again! No longer am I parched. Thirty-two families came together! Everyone in need and everyone able to fill a need. I was blessed continually […]

Guest for life

As many of you know we live in an RV and do quite a lot of traveling. We are always guests in a campground. We are always trying to be good guests. We travel with three dogs and make sure we pick up after them. We make sure to pick up our trash and put […]

Cowardly brave

I don’t want to be a coward. I want to be brave and fearless in my life. I want to serve God and do so with a heart that knows I am in His arms and He will lead. He will protect, guide, grow, change, and encourage my ministry. The scary part for me, he […]

 Desert oasis

These past few months have been like a desert. My mouth filled with sand, grit in my eyes, unable to see clearly, a desperation to connect in a meaningful way to other believers, the need to be held accountable and to be a part of something bigger than myself. A longing in my soul that […]

No darkness

I have always found it interesting that God chose not to incude darkness as a¬†creation. It just is. Darkness exists. God purposefully created light, divided light from dark, creating what we know as day and night today. How awesome, God spoke and light appeared! Four words, “Let there be light.” Talk about power in words! […]