Crisis Mode

Thinking about this word this morning, I realize we live in a perpetual state of crisis. Mike and I were talking about this and how we have been systematically desensitized to the pain of other people and of other nations. Just think for a moment, we are inundated with horrific scenes. Orlando: 49 dead and […]

Ticking Clock

Time. Excruciatingly slow when I am waiting. Passing quickly when I pay it no mind. While I wait, particularly if I have a sense of urgency, the ticking seems to get louder. Filling my mind with each tick until that’s the only thing I can hear!  For those who aren’t believers in Christ, there is […]

Permanent Punishment

Let’s look at the word. Take off the last too letters, parse the word and you get punish me. Therefore, punishment is something we earn through our action or inaction. Often times I act before I realize I’m asking for punishment. Sometimes I try to soften punishment by calling it consequence.  Putting the word consequence […]