About Renae

Our vow renewal, HI 2014

Let me introduce myself, not in song lyrics though! I have lived half a century and have been blessed to live a wonderful life. I grew up in western Washington, pretty much spent my whole life in the Silverlake area up until Mt. St. Helens erupted. That was a game changer for sure! The landscape of the community changed. Instead of living on a sleepy highway driven by logging trucks and locals, we lived on a thoroughfare for everyone to get up close and personal with a live volcano. The volcano sleeps again, people continue to flock to the various visitor’s centers and sites along the road, and imagine that fateful day—May 18, 1980! They teach about it in history classes now days.

The last 21 plus years have been spent with my wonderful husband. I beleven he chose to love me no matter what and I learned to make the same choice in our relationship. I am grateful for his love, encouragement and patience over the years. We are now retired and living the dream in our 40 foot motor coach.

I try to live my life by two core values. First, love the Lord my God with all my heart. He gave His son to pay the penalty for my sin that I might have eternal life with Him. I did nothing to earn this great gift and am constantly amazed at His work in my life and in the lives of others. The second can be stated: “The mark of an educated person has nothing to do with the degree earned or the letters after your name. Rather, being educated is knowing where to go to get the necessary information and demonstrating having learned from the mistakes one makes in life.”

I want to live this next half century walking firmly in God’s will for my life, however that might look. What do I know? I will most certainly learn a lot and hope to share the highs and lows of this journey with you.

See you on the pavement!

2 thoughts on “About Renae

  1. I really enjoyed your blog and learned a lot. Like you, I have gotten a strong calling to move to Belize even though I never been there. We will be there the first week of May to look around before moving there next year, along with four dogs. I did have a question about the two dogs you drove with. Did you have passport documents for each border you crossed getting into Belize ?


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