Divine Appointments

So sorry for the long hiatus from writing to you! Life has been wonderful, painful, joyous, depressing, happy, sad, and a sea of emotions between. These past few months have also been lonely. Weird, I know.

You see traveling is lonely business. Even when traveling with my hubby and our three dogs. Technology has made the world smaller. However, I have learned it’s not a substitute for good ‘ol fashioned fellowship, hugs, eye contact, and handshakes.

I got caught up in the minutiae of nomadic living. So much so, I forgot to seek out churches where we stopped. So much so, I stopped my daily reading and study of His word. So much so I forgot to be true to my calling and passion. So much so, I fell victim to the deceiver’s lies and allowed myself to become ineffective in my walk with God.

Some cool things have happened over these past many months. God has been faithful and provided for the sale of our home in Washington. We had prepared to move from Florida to Yuma to find a place for my parents and Mike had a serious bicycle accident requiring surgery on his right elbow and left thumb. God was so faithful and made provision for us to stay parked until he was home from the hospital and ready to travel.

I then drove across country because Mike was taking some serious medications to manage his pain. Fortunately I had driven our rig many times prior. It was exhausting and I’m hoping to never drive I-10 in less than two weeks again!

However, we were able to get to Yuma, bring my parents down for a house hunt, and find a fabulous house for them! We were able to get back b track and enjoy a month near Phoenix and took in many Mariner spring training games.

Mike’s rehab went so well we were able to take up golf again! We’ve had a wonderful time taking lessons and seeking out golf courses as we moved up through California headed toward “home.”

By now you might be thinking, home? What is she talking about? I’ve never been so happy to see the ocean as I was when we hit the Oregon coast! While we no longer have property in the northwest, it will always be home. And, I forgot to mention, it is where our grandkids are!

I’ve been told not to wish my life away but I can hardly wait until July to see those smiling faces I love so much. Also, a double benefit, two of our kids are in Washington also! Yes, the grands get top billing but the kids are a close second.

Oh dear, I digress! As you can see, there have been many divine appointments along the way. There was another yesterday! We were walking the dogs and noticed a “Coaches 4 Christ” sign in a neighbor’s window. We stopped and it turns out to be a group out of Western Washington that travel and fellowship during the summer months! We will be spending three days with this group in, wait for it, Toutle! I’m giggling as I type this! Following that three days we will spend four nights at an FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) event in, wait for it, Longview!

God works in amazing ways! I’m excited to see what He has in store for us at this event and connecting with family and friends while we spend the summer in the great Pacific Northwest…otherwise known as “home!”

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