Quote challenge 3

Hi all! Thanks again to Apothemary for the nomination. It has been fun thinking about the various quotes having an impact on my life. I hope you have enjoyed them as well! If nothing else, this exercise reminded me what I find valuable and important. Those will be the things I focus my energy! For […]

Quote challenge two

Hi all! Thanks again to Apothemary for the nomination. For today’s quote I chose: I forget to read poetry. I sometimes write it, but don’t publish it. Why? Well it’s me at my most vulnerable.  How about you? What do you think of poetry or this quote? My nominations are: North of Andover Joshi Daniel […]

Quotes Challenge

Thank you Apothemary for nominating me as one of nine in this quote challenge. I am honored.  Today I choose: Live life to the fullest is what President Lincoln was getting at, at least in my humble opinion. Are there things in your life getting in the way of living your life in the years […]

Simply Effective

So! How did it go? Are you ready for step two? If not, no worries. Start with Step One right now! Then come back and move on with Step Two. This step is more of a philosophy than an action step. You could do last week and this week in one day if you want. […]