You Don’t Have to Sell Everything and Move to Belize to Simplify Your Life

You can live a fiercely simple life.

Imagine yourself sitting in your home, comfortably doing what you want to do. You’ve got your Feng Shui going! 

You aren’t worrying about laundry or searching the house for your car keys. You are relaxed.

You just heard a friend is flying in on Tuesday for a couple days. You are fine. Your guest room is simply yet beautifully appointed. You know your friend will experience the peace that pervades your home.

Stop, you’re standing in the middle of your home. Suddenly, the scales fall from your eyes. What a mess! You actually feel like giving up; flying the white flag of surrender. There’s no Feng Shui going on here. You marvel at the sight and wonder, “How did it get like this?”

Been there, done that, many times! I feel your pain. I always tried to simplify my life but it was such a complicated process. How could that be? It doesn’t make sense! How can trying to create a simpler life be so complicated? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I learned a lot trying and trying to simplify. 

What fixed it for me? I sold everything and moved to Belize! Don’t worry, you don’t have to go that far. So, how do you start?

Get a garbage bag. No, you’re not throwing everything away! Now, go room by room and pick up all the junk mail you’ve tossed in various places. As you go, pick up old magazines, newspapers, brochures, and paper detritus you see laying around. Take it out to the recycling or garbage whichever is appropriate where you live.

    Yes, yes, i know you are going to read that. When? You haven’t read it yet. It’s just sitting there taunting you so, out it goes! Did you have to go back and get another garbage bag? No worries, keep going!

    Got it done? Great! Homework for next week:

    1. Get three fairly large boxes. We will be moving through your home and systematically simplifying. 
    2. Create a place for the new paper that will invariably enter your house. It can be a basket. It can even be a couple of baskets. One might be for bills and another for magazines. You get the idea. Just start simple, you don’t want to invest to much. You might simplify even more!

    1. Practice putting the paper in the newly designated area… Nope, don’t get lax or you will end up having to do this step over.

    Minimalist living is a complete lifestyle change. I will warm you, it’s not easy. It is well worth the peace of mind and liberation you will experience!

    Lesson two will be posted next Thursday. In the mean time, if you need help just reach out. I’ll give you ideas, support, and encouragement!

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