Epic Loop-3

From Couer d’Alene we set out for St. Regis, Montana. It was only a 95 mile drive! However, it took a bit over three hours because we crossed into the Mountain Daylight Time zone. I really don’t like the spring forward thing. Never did and probably never well!

The drive was beautiful. A couple places slow because of construction. That might be a theme as we cross the northern USA!

You might be asking why we traveled just 95 miles. Well, if you read my earlier post, Best Day So Far, you already know! By choosing to travel only 95 miles we also found a hidden gem of a campground! The Nugget in St. Regis. If you are headed this way and want an awesome place to stay (see my Google review) this is a fabulous place to stop.

From hear we are headed to Butte, Montana for two nights. We’ll keep you posted!

See you on the pavement!

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