Epic Loop-2

We set out on Monday from Leavenworth, WA headed to Couer d’Alene, ID. We took a bit of a scenic route which took us a little longer than just heading straight to I-90 and driving on over.

We drove Highway 2 in Quincy. Then we jogged about through the farmland for several miles until we met up with I-90 for the last 160 miles or so. The total mileage for the trip was about 280 miles.  We try to stay at about 250 so this was a bit of a reach for us. Siri said it would take about four hours to get here but it really took about six hours because there were some construction slowdowns on the way.

The weather was cooler for the drive which made it nice. Eastern Washington can be especially boring and very miserable if hot. Since it is the growing season it was a little more interesting as crops are in various stages of growth and harvest cycles.

We stayed at the Tamarack RV Park in CDA. It was nice because it is right in town and, true to it’s name, in a grove of tamaracks.  We stopped here because we love the city of CDA but we only stayed for three nights so we didn’t have time to enjoy the fabulous paved bike paths. It’s easy to ride for miles very comfortably.

We spent the day with Mike’s sister Ginny whom we haven’t seen in about three years. It’s amazing how time flies! We will be back next summer and plan stay out on her place in Sandpoint.

I had a bit of trouble parking…a tree jumped out and bit the side of the coach! I hate it when that happens!

See ya on the pavement!

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