Born Stubborn

I’ve never been a super physically affectionate person. Mom says I would wiggle to get down instead of snuggle as a little girl. Apparently I had stuff to do, like ride my rocking horse for hours on end. Seems there was a bit of lazy in that stubborn too! After learning to roll over I just kept rolling. Got me where I wanted to go and I imagine it was pretty fun!

At one of my kid doctor appointments, I don’t think it was called a “well child check” yet, the doctor asked how I was doing crawling. I guess the child development experts thought Icrawling should have been well underway. At minimum many attempts should have been happening at this stage of the game. Nope, I was rolling! 

The doctor explained to Mom how it was important for me to learn to crawl. Apparently not crawling created risks for poor hand eye coordination, balance, and a host of other things that did not bode well for the future of a rolling child. That was it for Mom, the doctor said I had to learn to crawl, so I would crawl. Mom immediately set to work “teaching” me. 

I’m not sure exactly what this entailed since I don’t remember. However, I’ve been told learning to crawl wasn’t something high on the child priority list. To say it wasn’t even on the radar probably isn’t too strong. Apparently the crawling lessons weren’t enjoyed by anyone…Mom or me.

Being blessed with a wonderful imagination, I can just see Mom getting me on my hands and knees and trying to coax a hand or knee forward. I drop and roll, she catches me and we do it again. I don’t know how many times, probably quite a few.

Since I wasn’t learning, so the story goes, more drastic measures were taken. In my mind I see me on all fours with Mom in a bear crawl position above me. She probably had one hand near my hands and one near my knees. Crawling training commenced! 

Apparently I excelled at a “drop to roll” maneuver!

I see her in my minds eye taking one of my hands and moving it forward while using her other to prevent me from doing a “drop to roll” maneuver. She would then have had to switch her hand positions real quick, move my other hand out in front while still preventing a drop to roll maneuver. I’m not sure how she got the legs involved! I’m pretty sure she did quite a few contortions while teaching me to crawl.

Mom has some stubborn in her too! Good thing or I would never have learned to crawl. I’m pretty sure I would have never spent the night at someone else’s house, gone to track and field camp, rode horses, entered my canned goods at the fair, and a thousand other things. I learned to crawl through my Mom’s tenaciousness. 

She stubbornly supported me and cheered me on to do, to try, and to be involved. She was at every volleyball game, basketball game, track meet, softball game or other activity. If I was doing it, she was there! It didn’t matter if they were home or away. She has always been my biggest fan! I love you Mom!


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