Unstoppable Faith

As I pondered this thought today, I am hyper-aware that tomorrow is my birthday. I cannot stop time from passing. The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years march past in their orderly fashion. Summer will give way to fall, fall to winter, spring will conquer winter and summer will return again.

This year has taught me so much! First, I didn’t think I could be satisfied with a life in retirement after finishing my MA in Psychology just a few years ago, 2013 to be exact. Amazingly, I am more fulfilled now than ever before. 

This is made possible by a tremendous work God has wrought in me. It certainly has nothing to do with me. I came kicking and screaming into this new life and because of His never ending mercy and grace I am preparing to launch a joint ministry with Mike to those who are suffering and lost as we travel and camp across the United States.

Second, I thought the end all of the ministry to which God was calling us lay in Belize. However, He meant this as a brief sojourn. It seems I really needed a “reset” to get me back in line with His will for my life. Mike and I were able to serve together in our church body and assist at a Christian High School with significant needs. In particular, willing hands to do the work and finish projects  for the benefit of the students. These weren’t glorious projects either. They were sweaty and difficult, and oh how our souls rejoiced when God gave the opportunity for us to see the staff and students enjoy the facilities!

Third, I thought our returning to the states would mean an end to our ministry opportunities as we travel and sight see in thus glorious land. It is truly amazing to me how short-sighted I am when it comes to God’s vision for my life and marriage. I am astonished at what He has accomplished in the seven months we’ve been back.

I can’t stop time from marching on any more than I can stop the will of God from being completed. Oh, yes, I can refuse His calling. He will simply find someone else to bless. So many times I have let fear of what other people think stop me from answering His call in my life. No more! I seek to be the clay which is molded by His awesome hands into a vessel useful for the ministry to which He has called me. 

So many times have I refused to serve my husband in a way I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, God was calling me to serve. May I be willing to serve Mike as only a wife can serve her husband. God, make me his biggest fan. His cheerleader! Help me to show him, through my words and actions that I trust him completely.

Lord, help me to participate fully in this journey of life and walk with you or run to you. Let me no longer be bound by doubt, fear, insecurity, and selfishness. Give me a heart for others that You may be glorified. Use me, make me willing to be used in small ways. Just like my body needs each part to work together in harmony, so I need to work with other believers. You may be calling me to be a finger in the ministry of believers while I might prefer something more glorious. Give me a heat of humility and acceptance of your will for the ministry you have placed me.

Let me stop and enjoy the journey too. That at this time next year, I will be able to look back and be joyful that You cannot be stopped and time has passed with my full participation in Your will. May this next year be a year spent studying and serving the God of my salvation!


Featured image: Unstoppable God – Elevation Worship (Lyrics) – YouTube

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