Elusive insect

We had a fly in the house for a couple days. We just could not get it. As soon as we would go for the swatter, it would be gone! Stood still for a couple moments, poised with fly swatter. No fly. Put the fly swatter away and move on. Started to make a cup of coffee and presto, fly would reappear. Again, get the swatter…fly is gone!

This goes on like Groundhog Day for at least two days. It happens, over, over, over, and over again. You get the idea, repeatedly! 

I was tempted to get the fly swatter and hunt the house. It wouldn’t have taken all that long. Our home is a 40 ft. RV. I man really, where can a fly hide? Turns out, a fly can elude me for at least two days. This fly proved that. I have no idea where it hid either. 

Even now, although the fly is now swatter fodder, I am still wondering where that silly creature was when it flew out of sight. Obsessed much? Yep. I think so. Right now, for the past several days, we have had a small insect flying around. Every now and then I get a glimpse but as soon as I move, poof! It disappears.

No, it’s not a fruit fly! It’s a little bigger than that and kind of floats in the air. It seems to be susceptible to the breeze. Even our moving will cause it to move off in a seemingly random direction. It is so frustrating! I see it when I’m watching TV, I catch it out of the corner of my eye when I’m doing dishes, and it lands on my glasses when I’m combing the dog. So far I haven’t been able to rid my home of this elusive insect!

Where is that thing when the lights are out? Does it fly around and land on me when I’m sleeping? You know, I don’t buy into the idea that on average a person eats eight spiders in their sleep during their lifetime (or many other insects while sleeping). I do wonder where this pesky little creature hangs out while I am blissfully unaware in dreamland. I really don’t like the idea of bugs or this flying thing landing on me in my sleep.

Sometimes I find myself just sitting there, gazing at nothing. You know, looking at the middle vision where things are soft around the edges in an attempt to spot this thing so I can put it out if my home and myself out of my misery!

Tomorrow is another day and I hope this insect becomes swatter fodder rather than irritating me to no end, again. I’d like Ground Hog Day to conclude!

Featured image: commons.wikimedia.org


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