First leg of epic loop

We have decided to head out from the great Pacific Northwest on our first real loop trip on August 4! We will be back in the area some time mid-June, 2017. A nine month long trip around the edges of the USA! We are sure to come across some awesome sights and experiences. We have a pretty solid plan to get us to the east coast in time for the fall colors. Seeing the colors, in person, has been on my bucket list for a while so I’m stoked we get to go and have the experience.

We will log 3,988.7 miles getting to Rochester, Massachusettes

We are excited about the trip and are prayerfully asking God for His leading. We have a few ideas that would help us reach out to those around us, make new friends, and strengthen our connection to other believers. We would be grateful for any prayer support as we seek His leading in this area.

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Using a sign something like this we hope to invite people into our lives. Providing a place where hurting, rejoicing, and lonely Christians can come to talk, pray, study, or worship. We seek to be the loving Christians He has can use. No judgment! 

Researching others’ approach to nomadic ministry, I came across Allen and Donna and Jerry and Cynthia ministering similarly to our calling. It was difficult to find these two! Cancer caused Jerry and Cynthia to sell their RV and now their ministry is closer to home. They both have fabulous web sites we have yet felt called to develop. For now, the blog is enough.

We will be checking in on Niagra Falls too! My friend Corie used to live in upstate New York. Her advice was to see the falls in the winter because that is when they are truly spectacular with the freezing water and such. I trust her advice completely and I have an allergy to cold weather so we will take our early fall visit and be quite happy.

You might be wondering why the Tampa stop is listed. We have a goal of getting there by November 27 for the big game. Yep, the Seahawks are playing in Tampa and the sun will be out! I’ve never been to a professional football game but I don’t want to go and freeze to death at Century Link field. Also, we aren’t usually here during football season so we decided to see if the team was going to be playing anywhere along are potential route. Yippee…they will be in Tampa and we hope we will be there too!

We are stopping on August 12 at Lookout Pass to ride the Hiawatha Bike Trail. We will be looking for other bike adventures along the way! We are really enjoying getting to know our bikes and racking up miles. It really is amazing what we’ve seen from the RV as we drive along. God’s creation is truly amazing and riding allows us to travel slower and get our exercise. It’s easy to stop and see some awesome sights and take some fabulous pics we would have otherwise driven past.

We will be re-visiting a couple places we stayed about three years ago. We took a road trip to Mt. Rushmore and found a couple places we really enjoyed. We will be staying in Jackson, WY for a few days. There are awesome paved bike paths we will be able to utilize as we continue our quest for fitness as we travel. It’s a beautiful place and we are excited to have extra time to be able to explore the area. 

Another repeat stop on the list is Thermopolis, WY. There are amazing hot springs we didn’t have time to experience and a dinosaur excavation site we can visit. What can be better than that, relaxing hot springs and dinosaurs?

See ya on the pavement!

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