Feasting Soul

The last few days I have not felt like feeding my soul. It’s amazing how quickly one can begin feeling dry and parched of spirit. Three days. I haven’t been completely disconnected. Mike and I have been doing our evening study, reading, and prayer.

What have I learned? I cannot follow my feelings when seeking the will of God. I have to be in the Word. My feelings don’t matter. It’s the discipline that counts. Interestingly enough, my feelings change after I study and pray. Where God’s word resides is light. There cannot be darkness.

God’s word drives the darkness from my mind.

My faith is weak. Just as the disciples worried about how the crowed would be fed and asked Christ to send them away so they might buy food. Christ said, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat. (Mat. 14:16)” I can imagine their astonishment. They barely had enough to feed themselves and they were commanded to feed 5,000 men and the women and children with them.

Jesus commanded the disciples to bring Him the food. He told the people to sit and “looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciplies (Mt. 14:19).” The Word is the loaves and fish for my soul. God uses it to speak to me and provides rejuvination, encouragement, and renewal.

I can only imagine the disciples reaction. Math is not my strong suit but I’m convinced the loaves and fish Christ blessed would not have filled even one basket. They must have been wide-eyed with astonishment as fragments were gathered until they had 12 baskets! God revealed the power of the exponent!

We prepare special foods for holidays and celebrations throughout the year. We gorge ourselves on delicacies we anticipate for each special meal. Thanksgiving is awesome with my family. Tradition dictates we have Turkey, dressing, mashed potato, gravy, relish trays, and deviled eggs (the best in the land).

My Mom and I go about preparing the food for two days in anticipation of the feast. Recipes are used that have been handed down for generations. If something is missing from the table, believe me, one of the grandchildren will notice! As you might imagine, there is more than enough! We eat off the leftovers for days!

I am reminded, yet again, that which Christ offers is always more than what is needed. He wants me to live an abundant life through His power. Yes, I have access to His great power! All who call upon Him are saved and are privileged to be called children of God. Let me be reminded daily it is not my feelings I should rely upon but the Word of Him who saves me.


featured image: hopefilledhome.com


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