Family Camp 2016

This poem encapsulates the Family Camp experience!

Church Camp 2016
it’s lots of fun
but here’s the thing

We come here to fellowship
and spend time with each other
learn so much more
about our sister and brother

We build relationships
that may last forever
relationships that come
from spending time together

We joke and laugh
and have lots of fun
We even learn some
before it’s done

We learn so much
that God wants us to apply
We know we’ll fall short
but we all hope to try

We’ll make memories
We’ll have stories to share
Stories of our church family
and how much they care


Did you come to rest
Did you come to learn
Did you come to play
or watch a camp fire burn

Did you come to give
Did you come to receive
Did you come to share your faith
or learn to believe

What brings you here
on this glorious day
Why for a week
Did you pack up and move away

We all have different answers
to the questions agove
but We’ve all come to share
In our precious Savior’s love

So whatever your reason
We’re glad you’re here
I think I can speak for us all
and say “We hope you come back next year.”

by Gary Stoner

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