Family Camp

We spent this past week at Family Camp with our home church, Castle Rock Christian. My soul is soothed through the teaching, sharing, eating, walking, singing, and praying. My cup overfloweth again! No longer am I parched. Thirty-two families came together! Everyone in need and everyone able to fill a need. I was blessed continually and am rejuvenated in spirit.

The Lord has continued to reveal a ministry calling to us this week. He is making His will clear and calling us to step out in faith and make ourselves vulnerable to others as we travel. What does this mean? A camping ministry! Inviting others into our lives, sharing our struggles and opening our hearts to strangers. He is honing our ideas and we pray for his divine leading as we walk this path.

Christian Fellowship 7:00 pm! (a sign idea)

This has been a week where God put us in touch with many people who have prayed for us continually. We sought their advice and guidance. We received so much more! These conversations have been a blessing, encouragement, and affirmation.

We know there are others out there seeking to walk with Christ while living the life of a nomad. We want to fill that need as He leads in a real and practical way. So many people are hurting. The world is a busy and harsh place; few stop their lives to comfort and encourage another. We are prayerfully seeking to be the ones who stop, listen to, pray with, share a meal, laugh with, cry with, and love on people as we travel. Grateful, we are for this past week at camp!

I was reminded that trials and tribulations are inevitable. Job lost his children, home, financial security, and health. He was left with a nagging wife and faith in God. He never wavered in that faith. He proclaimed God as His savior in the midst of his suffering. Wow!

God can use trials in my life to refine and purify me. It takes immense pressure as well as time for coal to transform to a diamond. The same is true in my life. If everything went along wonderfully all the time I would have no need to go running to the cross!

Jesus gave me a gift I do not deserve and have done nothing to earn. I can do nothing to earn my way to heaven. Just being a good person, helping others, giving to charity, working hard, and being honest are not enough. Even going to church every week won’t get me to heaven. Why? Because I have sinned and the penalty for sin is death. God knew his crowing creation would sin so he created a plan to reconcile humanity to Himself.

Christ came to earth, was born as a baby and lived in a family. He took on flesh and experienced all the temptations and trials I experience. The difference—He did not sin! He lived perfectly. What did he get? He was beaten, spit upon, mocked, ridiculed, scourged, stripped, and crucified. He died and was placed in a tomb. Rejoice! That’s not the end! He rose from the dead on the third day defeating death and defying Satan. He reclaimed His rightful place in heaven. He sits at the right hand of God interceding for those who believe in Him.

I was privileged to be able to listen to the struggles of some of the women in my church family. Satan is striking at the very fabric of the family. Many friends have children experiencing adultery in their marriages. Some have children getting divorced and grandchildren are in limbo. Several grandparents are raising grandchildren or their adult children and their children back in the home. Autoimmune disorders, early onset Alzheimer disease, dementia, and cancer are striking men, women, and children. One young lady has suffered for years with no diagnosis for her paralysis. The suffering is immense!

On the other hand, these same women are radiant as they worship God in song, brave as they speak the truth of His word, faithful in seeking ways to serve their risen King. May God grant me continued bravery and willingness to serve Him

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