Heart journey

We are on an epic journey traveling the perimeter of the United States! It is daunting and exciting. We are also on a spiritual journey at the same time, seeking the ministry God has for us while we travel. After coming back from Belize, buying our motor coach, and traveling for three months, we realized we feel a huge hole in our lives. We are disconnected from other believers.

Since being home and back in the arms of our home church, God has shown us there are probably others just like us traveling the pavement of America. The seeds for a possible ministry are planted in our hearts and we are praying for God’s provision and revelation. Being starved for fellowship we are looking to create fellowship with others we will cross paths in our travels.

We are praying about making a sandwich sign to put outside our RV: Christian Fellowship here!

We believe God is calling us to minister to others as we travel, bringing light to those who live in darkness as well as encouragement to our fellow believers. Imagine, all believers putting out signs inviting others for Christian fellowship when they travel. What an awesome opportunity God will have to work in our hearts as well as  in the hearts of those He places in our path.

I believe we meet no one by accident. God creates divine appointments for us. They are easy to miss as we go about the daily tasks and distractions of life. You know, focusing on that grocery list and watching all the items on the belt go by to make sure you haven’t forgotten something. Those nagging thoughts in the back of your mind telling you to get busy with your chores-dishes, laundry, make the bed, dust, and vacuum. Oh yes, and clean the bathroom, mop the floor, wash that window, and clean the stove.

One thing I have learned, there is ALWAYS something to be done. However, the person in the next site might not be there tomorrow!

My husband and I have joined our hearts and minds and are praying in concert for God’s leading in this area. We are blessed with a fabulous home church who is also praying and will continue to pray as we seek to minister in His name.

As part of this, we are thinking about starting a Facebook group where we can encourage one another as we live in our RVs full time. A place where we can freely ask for prayer, encourage one another, and study the Word together. God hasn’t given us a complete vision at this time so we are stepping out on faith and standing on the Word. We would love it if you would join us!


Featured image: fultoncountyconservationdistrict.org

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