Desert oasis

These past few months have been like a desert. My mouth filled with sand, grit in my eyes, unable to see clearly, a desperation to connect in a meaningful way to other believers, the need to be held accountable and to be a part of something bigger than myself. A longing in my soul that can be filled by God alone. Discouragement at every turn, even though we are walking in His will for our lives. Oh, the loneliness!

It’s like I have arrived at a spiritual oasis.

The trees are lush, the branches bending low to the ground as they bear the strain of holding the heavy fruit. There is a waterfall surrounded by beautiful flowering plants. Each plant a blaze of color lifting its blossoms as if they were faces toward heaven. The water is cool but not cold. It is refreshing and slakes my thirst like I have never experienced.

The trees are those who have come along side and been teachers and mentors. The fruit is the multitude of prayers given as a sacrifice and covering us. The flowers are members of our church family who we have ministered to, those who have ministered to us and with us. The water is the refilling of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, spirits, minds, and souls. We are so blessed to be immersed in this oasis.

God seems to think we need to unplug a bit from the world as none of our devices work very long at all! I take this to mean He wants us to put down the phone, iPad, tablet, etc. and focus on the relationships with which he has blessed us. He has positioned us perfectly in this oasis to get advice and feedback regarding our traveling ministry idea as well as the ability to join our hearts in prayer to seek His will for us.

I praise you Father for your knowledge of what we need and your provision meeting each need. You meet my needs in the way that is best for me. Sometimes I think my needs would be better met in a different manner, but Your way always turns out best and mine generally leads me into selfishness and false pride.

Thank you for the oasis you provided in the middle of the desert. Just when the sand and wind were beginning to truly wear on my spirit, You provided. Oh, I am a woman of such little faith! Grant that my faith would increase and You would use those here to minister to us as well as using us to minister to others!

Show us the answer to the question, as Beth Moore, in herbook Audacious asked: “What are you most compelled by the love of Christ to do? and What would it take to do it? then identify one first step toward that direction, and, child, you will find the next place to plant your foot on your divinely planned path.”

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