Fragile and strong

Do you think about glass? I can honestly say I don’t. I take it for granted. We have several wonderful windows in our motor coach which makes our home feel larger and brighter. I can honestly say I have never thought about the glass itself, just the windows. The same is true for our car which has awesome windows and a super small blind spot.

I walk up to the cabinet and take out a glass, fill it with water, and quench my thirst. Not once do I think about the glass. I think alot about the water: how it comforts my parched throat, the immediate feeling of refreshment, how the cold transfers through the glass, how condensation on the glass makes it slick, and the rings the water leaves on the counter where I set the glass.

I remember when our daughter crashed her car swerving to miss a dog on the highway. She flew through a fence and across a field, ultimately wrapping the car around a tree. The only thing between her head and the tree was the glass in the driver’s side window. The glass didn’t shatter, it spiderwebbed. Somehow, the airbag deployed and grabbed a few pieces of glass pushing some into the side of her face. Amazingly, her only real injury was a small cut on the side of her face that needed three or four stiches. I can’t really remember how many I was so grateful she was okay.

The glass for cars is now engineered utilizing its weakness to create strength. Shatterproof is what they call it these days. How in the world did we grow and survive car rides before shatterproof glass. I mean really, we didn’t have to wear seat belts either. I remember bouncing around the backseat of the car, Mom smoking as we headed down the highway singing along to whatever song happened to be playing on the radio. Oh what a difference a few decades makes!

Quite a while ago we visited the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. If you travel to the area, this is a stop that needs to be on your must see list! The artists create amazing abstract sculptures, recognizable shapes, colorful jumbles, huge pieces, astonishingly tiny pieces. Art speaks to each viewer, taking the breath away from some and setting some back on their heals. Beautifully fragile creations.

Glass is amazing stuff!

In our travels I love to stop at art museums. We have seen substantial amounts of glass art. Each piece individual and uniquely created, much like snowflakes. Reflecting and refracting the light as I move around the piece. It always reminds me of paintings where the eyes seem to be looking at you no matter where you stand in the room.

Glass in various states…translucent, thick, heavy, thin, thready, vividly colored, solid, hollow, and beautiful. My favorite pieces are the ones that seem to catch the light, hold it within and allow it to seep from its core slowly. Watching the color change as the light changes makes the piece different each time I look.

I love to sit and gaze out the window, sip tea, and watch the world go by. I used to be paralized by fear and depression that I didn’t have a choice but to watch my life pass me by. Now, I sometimes choose to watch what is going on outside my life. It can be nice to not always engage with life. I truly enjoy looking through the glass and noticing things I haven’t noticed before. Watching people walk their dogs, scoop up their kids and plop them on their shoulders, laugh, and skip. Glass is the best movie screen around!


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