Feels good to be home

It feels so great to be “home.” While we were in Belize we found a church and were blessed with awesome encouragement and teaching. Since we have been back in the States we found it difficult to be connected with other believers. We tried visiting a couple of churches along the way from Houston. The worship services were good and we were welcomed. Unfortunately our “living the dream” RV life makes it difficult to connect on anything more than a superficial level with those we meet.

We are here at the Toutle River RV Resort listening to the trains and spending time with family and friends. My parents are only a few minutes from here and its fantastic to be able to run up and visit for a bit. A benefit of being home…we get the most awesome fresh eggs! We went to church on Sunday and it was wonderful seeing those who pray for us continually while we travel, worship with those we love, and go to lunch with our wonderful pastor and wife who love and encourage us.

We have had a wonderful time since we arrived in Oregon and started driving up to see my parents and our friends. We had an amazing week up north in Washington near Arlington with our grandchildren (and their parents). We’re looking forward to more grandchild time later in the month too!

We’ve been having a good time working on the house with Mom and Dad too. Mike and Dad hung insulation in the ceiling of the basement which will help keep the basement cold out during the winter. It will probably take about eight hours of work to finish the insulation. However, Mike has had nerve pain running down his left arm since he had his hands above his head so much. We went to Synergy Health Solutions today and Dr. Stacey was able to loosen him up a bit so hopefully the pain will subside. He calls this the downside of being old. Might have to hire a handyman to finish this up!

We are installing foam insulation around basement windows to fill the cracks making the basement warmer and, hopefully, a bit more secure. There are a couple of steps on the back porch that need to be replaced. We will be putting anti-slip materials on the steps to keep them from getting slick in the winter as well. It feels strange to have these types of chores after six months in Belize and another several traveling the States.

After church on Sunday we are heading to the Oregon coast for Family Camp with our Castle Rock Christian Church family. There is a wonderful group of people who minister to the body by spending countless hours arranging Bible study and worship times for the men, the women, and our body as a whole. They also arrange fellowship activities and we are able to share with one another on a level we cannot experience through weekly attendance.

We are taking care of dog grooming, veterinarian visits for teeth cleaning and annual exams, our own annual medical care, and our dental care too! I thought we had booked enough time to spend at the Toutle River Resort but the days are flying by too fast. Our departure date looms on the horizon and we have so much to accomplish before we go!

Feature image courtesy Toutle River RV Resort

See ya on the pavement!

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