Forbidden only one

Thinking about the topic today I am surprised to find myself thinking how I am forbidden nothing. Think about it, yes there are negative consequences for negative actions. Negative actions to one person might not be considered negative for another; therefore, nothing is forbidden. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in right, wrong, and high moral standards. The point: What is right for you might be completely wrong for me!

To simplify, parents tell their children no to some requests. Kids will experience a negative consequence if they choose to go against their parents. The opposite is also true, kids will experience a positive consequence when they obey their parents.

Rather than tell me what I cannot do, God tells me what I should do as His child. I appreciate the simplicity. It’s so much easier to understand what to do than what not to do. First, I am to love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my sould, and all my mind. Second, I am to love my neighbor as myself. When I fail in either endeavor, I sin. Simple as that. Sin is not something I premeditate. Because I am human, I sin. I simply cannot go through life without sin.

Every day I will do something sinful. Some things that happened just today: I spoke to someone in a less than loving tone, I had a laugh at someone else’s expense, I judged someone inferior to myself, I drove over the speed limit, I chose not to speak to someone because I don’t like them, and I chose not to talk to someone because what I was doing was more important than them. Those are just the one’s I can remember!

At first blush, this list doesn’t seem so bad. I didn’t kill anyone so it isn’t that bad. That’s not how God looks at sin. There are not gradients of sin to God. No particular sin is worse than any other sin. I know, it doesn’t sound quite fair does it? It’s true though. Throughout the Bible, the consequence of sin is death. God never said, the consequence of murder and lying is death and if you ignoring someone just spend some time on your knees.

I appreciate the simplicity of God’s view of sin. Sin simply being sin is easy to understand and difficult to accept. I mean, where is the fairness that my sin is as bad as Charlie Manson’s or Andrea Yates’? God’s idea of fair and my idea of fair are completely different. My sin is my own and my relationship with God is my own too. Everyone has an individual relationship with God.

Some of you might be saying, I don’t have a relationship with God because I don’t believe in Him. Well, from His side you have a relationship. He wants a relationship with you–personally. He knocks at the door of each individual heart and waits for an answer. The only unforgivable sin is denial of Christ. In other words, not opening the door of your heart. All other sin can be forgiven through reconciliation to God through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

In actuality, I am forbidden one thing. I am forbidden from rejecting Christ.


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3 thoughts on “Forbidden only one

  1. I have just spent the past six months trying to convey this truth to a neighbor who believes her sin is too deep for God to ever love her. I worked at a famous Max prison for a very long time. Her sin does not even compare to most. It is us who place these on a pendulum like you stated. The way God is using your words to express these thoughts are touching. I am going to show this person your post. I know it will be very satisfying to hear that more then just her pushy neighbor has the same words to speak to her. God continue to use Ranae and hedge her in. Bless New York


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