Layered looks

Layering clothes is second nature. I grew up in Toutle, Washington. It isn’t even a town really although there is a school, post office, gas station, and grocery store. Winter was cold and snowy and a summer day balmy. Visitors quickly learn the weather changes often. A day starting out sunny and full of promise can easily end with hail stones beating on the roof. It is not uncommon for mother nature to toss in a rise in temperature, a few sprinkles, possible sleet, gusty wind, sideways rain, or a drop in temperature to the mix. The weather is the most oft discussed topic among locals and tourists alike.

Weather forecasting is a spectator sport.

Quite often I don’t check the weather report, I just naturally dress in layers and grab a jacket on the way out the door. What do layers look like? On a typical day, I wear a long or short sleeved T-shirt, a flannel or other long-sleeve button up shirt, and possibly a pullover sweater or sweatshirt with jeans, socks, and tennis shoes. If I’m not wearing them, a scarf, hat and coat/jacket are in my bag.

As the weather changes, I can freely add or remove a layer or layers as necessary. There are the rare occassions I find myself in jeans when the weather warms considerably and I wish I had worn shorts. In summer months, I might even have a pair of shorts tucked away in my bag too!

I know, it sounds like a lot of work and planning. But really, when you are used to it, it feels strange when I am not wearing layers. It’s as natural as breathing. I toss my clothes for the day on the bed before I jump in the shower and then layer up to get going. It’s easy to take off the scarf and hat to cool off a bit and just as easy to put them back on if I catch a chill.

Simply style differently to layer and end up more comfortable for the effort.

By current fashion trends, I realize I am horribly overdressed. I don’t mean walking into a barn dance wearing a cocktail dress either. As the years have gone by, it seems fewer and fewer clothes is the trend regardless of the season. Really? A  cute sleeveless top with blousy pants and sandals just because it is officially summer but only 58F outside! Women, where has your common sense gone? Freezing doesn’t look good on anyone! OK, maybe you do look trendy and cute, but you can look great in layers and be comfortable.

Why do I toss my clothes on the bed? So I can see how the layers are going to look together. I’m not trying to look like I don’t belong in this century. It’s just that I’m all about being comfortable and fashionable. Layering doesn’t mean you have to give up style.

Keep potential layers in mind as you make clothing purchases. Ideally, you would have pics of some of your favorite pieces in your phone. Yes, it sounds a little OCD but you can be sure sure your new purchase will fit in your mix and match wardrobe.

This is partcularly important for those who want to live in a tiny house or set out on the great RV adventure. Space for clothing is limited so a complimentary wardrobe that moves through all seasons is key to success.

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