Burning Fit Lifestyle

Fitness is a passion and has been since I discovered endurance running back in high school. I loved feeling the burn in my lungs as they struggled to take in enough oxygen to meet the demand my mind placed on my body. My legs burned as my mind pushed them to run faster and farther.

A few years ago I needed to be reminded my body would achieve only that which I demanded with my mind. Ergo, I joined a fitness club. Yes, I had joined clubs in the past but never with a defined focus. This time I set goals and achieved them! It felt good as my muscles burned in protest. It felt great focusing my mind to will my burning body to finish. Believe it or not, this is the easy part. It’s truly amazing that my body can do much more than my mind believes. Of course, being careful and listening to my body is important to avoid injury and continue building momentum.

True fitness embraces the burn in multiple areas of life.

Fitness is not only about how I exercise and eat. Yes, how I eat and exercise are important. True fitness is a lifestyle. One that is mindful to challenge myself, or feel the burn so to speak, in all areas of my life. For example, how I treat others, who I choose to spend time with, how I write, sleep, read, watch tv, volunteer, and practice my Christian faith must be incorporated for me to live a lifestyle of fitness.

The fun part feeling the burn, particularly in relationships, can creep up suddenly. Today my husband and I were running errands. We stopped for a cup of coffee earlier and engaged in a little teasing. A few hours later, we were snarking at each other and I was throwing up my hands in the Target parking lot saying, “I can’t do this!” while flopping down on a bench. Talk about feeling the burn, particularly when I had to ask my mate for forgiveness for calling him names.

Yes, fitness is a lifestyle and it encompasses my whole life. It doesn’t just happen either, I have to think, plan, and act.

A while ago I had to come clean about the lack of burn in my spiritual life. To correct this, I challenged myself to get up at 8 am for the five of the next seven days (three days have gone by) and spend time in study and prayer. The first day was a bomb, an epic fail! The next two have gone well and I am becoming more fit in this area. I know there are going to be struggles because the enemy doesn’t want me to be burning spiritually. He doesn’t want me to learn and then follow God’s will for my life.

Instead, as I know, the enemy wants me to be a disfunctional Christian. Satan has been having a grand ole time running to God and pointing out all my failures. Fortunately for me, Christ is sitting at the right hand of God and, every time I am accused Christ defends me because of my faith in Him.

Did you notice: I know all of this. Knowledge doesn’t translate into a lifestyle of fitness. I must take action in every area of my life to become fit. I must put myself out there and be willing to feel the burn. In this case, I’m feeling the burn every morning at 8am when that alarm clock goes off.

7 thoughts on “Burning Fit Lifestyle

  1. Renae, First, thank you for your blog. Endlessly searching the web for all the information I could to make an educated decision on whether to move to Belize I was thrilled to find your blog. Not uncommon to hear some of the stories you discussed and others not so much ei the vet. That was shocking as I will be traveling with my black lab. Weighing my options back and forth as you proceeded to type away I was more and more gaining on an answer and then, boom, like an unexpected hit, you spoke of leaving the place I was almost guaranteed to move to. I am not by any means blaming you, but thanking you for a better perspective of what to expect and anticipate. That part does not bother me. I feel like I am back to the drawing table and maybe I didn’t hear from God. More prayer and listening I guess. New York


    1. Hi New York. Thank you for your kind words. God called us to Belize and then He called us back to the States for family. We loved Belize! There are huge needs in Belize. We pray they are answered. Praying for you as you wait for God’s direction in your life. I’m pleased God used my words to speak to you. It’s super encouraging to know God has used me in this small way.


  2. Renae He is using you more then you know. To me especially. I know your blog has taken a new twist, but if Belize has such needs, I know for me especially, more information to help me make my decisions would be very helpful. There is only so much that I can write without it turning into a book. I do have so many questions but some answers seem better left to chance or we may never move forward. I truly felt the call to go soon, in the meantime I seriously wanted to find a “house sitting” opportunity to finalize my plans. I just realized there was such a thing. Maybe you know of someone who can help with that. In the meantime, do not quit writing about Belize. Regards New York


    1. There are house sitting opportunities but many who have brought people they don’t know or don’t have references has often resulted in significant damage to their homes. This us the beginning if the super hot season. You might look into contacting Steve at The Blue Iguana in Corozal (if that’s your desired location). He might be able to hook you up with an inexpensive shirt term rental. Let him know you talked to Mike and Renae from Poker day. He can be really helpful, especially if you’ve got references!


  3. I completely understand the damage part. I was a landlord for over 25 years. I do not drink or smoke and spend my time well lets just say working out a plan with God at the moment and writing a book. I truly like peace and quiet and not much for company with trying to write this book. I believe He is calling me to work there. I also believe I am to help animals as well as a people population but that has yet to be decided. We are at the moment arguing over which population and which location hehehe. Purchased a home two times now and fixed both up for resale, only one by choice, the second was to make this move, so I am pretty handy. Getting my body to cooperate with mind is the only hard part I seem to have the older I get but I can still do much. My plans are to purchase a home and so I am looking for every cent to put into that and not rent if I don’t have to as I would still have a couple obligations back here until the purchase is final. I want to take my time and look over all of Belize to find the best location. Did your travel anywhere else there that you have any stories to tell? Which is why your messages are so helpful to give me a time line as to how NOT quickly that will take place. My walk with God looks like this in a very very short version……I expect blessings everyday, anything I do to ruin that only hurts myself and no one else. Christ like is the goal. We will never get that close but we try. Sooooo I would never ever trash anothers house in the smallest way. Shopping carts get returned to stahls and no littering. No friends as I keep with my family only. Three grown children who all walk with the Lord and have their own lives and homes except my daughter who we are still waiting for a godly mate. Now that you have a simple background you can see that I am not a typical house sitting partier looking for good time. If you have any more information to send my way it would be greatly appreciated. To have a private conversation would be great also but I dont know how that works. Blessings New York


  4. First I want to thank you for taking the brief moment out of your busy schedule to reply. You didn’t have to but you cared enough to take the time. and second, thank you again for the information in Corozal. It was truly appreciated. Sometimes we get caught up in our own agenda that we forget to help others, especially when they are seeking God’s way. and you found these few moments to reach out. Thank You. Kinda what my book is about. Why people consider us hypocrites. O the sting. Anyhow, I still have so much more I need to know and so off I am to find more bits and pieces. He will bring them to me. Blessings New York


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