Dramatic drama

Thousands of viewers tune in to see who will get voted off a show, who won’t be offered a rose, if married couples will stay true to their vows when faced with temptation. Reality TV pushes the dramatic envelope and preys on our human nature to want to feel superior to another. The news blares […]

What do you admire?

Those things I admire are things I spend time looking upon or reading about. The people I admire are the ones I seek interaction with or those I might even downright stalk because they gave something I want. Everything that has happened over this past year caused the things and people I admire to coalesce […]

Windy Grandkids

Another year starts today! Last year is gone, like a leaf on the wind! A clean slate for this next phase of my life. Everything I have experienced, everything Mike and I have experienced, and all the people in our lives who have been influential have prepared us for the next piece of this journey […]

Unstoppable Faith

As I pondered this thought today, I am hyper-aware that tomorrow is my birthday. I cannot stop time from passing. The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years march past in their orderly fashion. Summer will give way to fall, fall to winter, spring will conquer winter and summer will return again. This year […]

Crisis Mode

Thinking about this word this morning, I realize we live in a perpetual state of crisis. Mike and I were talking about this and how we have been systematically desensitized to the pain of other people and of other nations. Just think for a moment, we are inundated with horrific scenes. Orlando: 49 dead and […]

Elusive insect

We had a fly in the house for a couple days. We just could not get it. As soon as we would go for the swatter, it would be gone! Stood still for a couple moments, poised with fly swatter. No fly. Put the fly swatter away and move on. Started to make a cup […]

Sanctuary for Him

Okay, so here’s the deal. I tried to pen something else related to sanctuary for yesterday’s daily prompt. No matter what I tried, this song continued to flood my mind every time I tried to write! Here it is: Sanctuary (author unknown) Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary Pure and holy, tried and true […]