Cloudy Beauty

“I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day,” keeps playing in my mind as I think about clouds. The Temptations released My Girl in 1965. These seven words recreate the warmth of love felt when we are in an unfriendly environment. Here we have a timeless emotional analogy of how the warmth of love overcomes even the cloudiest of days. The next line, “When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May” reinforces the idea that while clouds block the sun, love is the true source of warmth.

Clouds connect us to the beauty in nature. We can see the hand of the creator in the simple beauty of clouds. We can feel His love even when going through the inevitale cloudy periods we will face.

Does anyone remember laying on the grass in the summer watching the clouds float by looking for pictures in the shapes? The grass felt cool, a warm breeze floated through the air, the mingled scents of the outdoors competing with the visual beauty as the fluffy pictures float past. It seemed the clouds were dancing in the sky, rearanging themselves into shapes as they floated, putting on a show and hoping someone was enjoying the beauty.

Have you been stopped in your tracks when the darkest storm clouds parted and a ray of sunshine burst forth? The splendor of the moment creating magic in your heart and a rare feeling of peace in your mind. The beauty of the ray against the dark clouds making you wonder if you’ve seen anything more beautiful in your life.

Does the beauty of the clouds take your breath away every time rise high above them on a flight? The whitest marshmallow floor. Closing your eyes and imagining yourself suspended within the glorious softness. As silence so profound surrounds you, you realize you have never experienced true quietness. It permeates your brain, your body, your senses, and your spirit.

Are you drawn to the window when the clouds turn black and lightning flashes across the sky? The clouds provide the perfect background and you can hear them colliding as the thunder crashes rattling the windows. You can feel the thunder roar throughout your body and the electric current makes the hair on your arms stand up. You are rooted to the spot when the clouds finally open and the rain pours down, pounding the roof and drowning out all but the loudest thunder claps.

How do you feel when heading up a mountain as you approach what looks like a cloud ceiling? The sun, bright as you begin and dimming as you rise. Gentle wisps of clouds seem to reach down toward the earth and surround you. Higher and higher into the cloud until it becomes a forest around you. Sound dampened like when you wake up to freshly fallen snow. Clouds close in on all sides, caressing and welcoming you.

The beauty of clouds awe, inspire, amaze, and connect us to each other and our creator.



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