Life as a tourist

I am one of the lucky ones. My husband and I were positioned well for his retirement so I am able to retire with him. We spent six months in Corozal, Belize. What an amazing experience! I can say, with all honesty, I would go again. Our time there came to an end a little earlier than we would have liked, but we followed God’s plan and headed back to the states.

We arrived in Houston, TX in January of this year. We stepped off the plane with four suitcases and three dogs. Wow! It seems like an eternity has passed but it has only been six months. As you can imagine, a lot has happened since we came back. The best part, we get to live like tourists. We’ve traveled in our motor coach from Texas to southwest Washington, arriving here in April. Since our arrival, we have traveled up and down the coasts of Washington and Oregon, visiting with family and friends, walking dogs, cycling, outfitting our motor coach, and enjoying ourselves immensely.

The biggest challenge I find myself facing is staying connected to God’s family. We move around quite a bit and have been in corporate worship only twice since our return. In an attempt to mitigate this we started a Bible Study at home each evening. We also pray together before going to sleep every night.

Living like a tourist but feeling disconnected and adrift  in my spiritual life.

I must admit, part of feeling disconnected is my fault. I am not making my own personal time with God a priority. I must also admit, it has been quite some time since I made this a priority in my individual life. I have come to the conclusion I need to carve out time to spend with God.

Touristic (making up a word to meet my needs is awesome!) living does not lend itself to alone time. We live in a 400 square foot motor coach. There are three living areas: main area (kitchen, dining, living); bedroom; and, bathroom. In reality, being brutally honest with myself (and you), this is an excuse.

I’ve got another excuse, I’m in love with sleeping in. Touristic living lends itself nicely to sleeping in every day. I’m actually proud of myself when I get up by 9:00 am. In a weird way, I’m also proud of myself when I sleep past 10:00 am too. What this really means is I have about 12 hours of the day available to be productive.

Obviously, I’ve allowed touristic living to derail any discipline I had in my spiritual life and relatioinship with Christ. Therefore, I commit to getting up by 8:00 am a minimum of five days this next week. I’m going to use this extra time to spend time with God in study and prayer.

I am participating in the Daily Post here on WordPress. I will continue to post my weekly posts about RV living, being a Christian, and living minimalistically. Park reviews will be uploaded after we complete our stay.

I’m so lucky to be living this life!


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