The first five things we learned about our rolling home

It seems like we learn something new about our coach every time we move. These are the first things we learned…important lessons each one!

  • imageThe privacy blind for the front window was broken. We knew the motor wasn’t working correctly but we did not know the blind was not attached to the roller. Finding that out, while driving in Houston rush hour traffic, as the blind unrolled was interesting for Mike. I, blessedly, had no idea what was going on. When we picked up the coach we had yet to install the towing system on the car so I was blissfully and calmly following Mike back to the hotel with the coach.

The blind had a mind of its own and unrolled so that Mike had to stand, hold the blind up to see, and drive. Yep, first drive and something goes terribly wrong. Fortunately, Mike was able to reach the hotel safely.

  • You really don’t know what you don’t have until you need it! Much like new parents bringing their first child home from the hospital we were excited, scared, and innocently incompetent. We were exhausted too because we had accomplished a lot in 10 days! Remember, we got to Houston with four bags and three dogs…ten days later we are the proud owners of a car and 40 foot motor coach otherwise known as our new home!

Oh, and by the way the coach came with all the necessary furniture but no linens, towels, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, etc. Bare cupboards throughout just waiting…oh the shopping and buying! We are still making lists of things we need like fingernail clippers, slotted serving spoon, butter dish, squeegee, plastic wrap, slip in shoes, just to name a few! Needless to say, setting up was a bit overwhelming!

  • We had no idea how the dogs would react to traveling in the coach. They love riding in the car so we thought the coach would be no big deal. Turns out we were wrong. Very wrong! As we ride down the road the coach does what I call the “shake, rattle and roll.” This scared the jeepers out if the dogs. Abby tried to get under Mike’s feet while he was driving. I had to dig her out and help her into a crate which I quickly zipped.

The dogs now travel in their crates which they don’t mind. They feel safe and we know they are safe. They recognize the “getting ready yo move routine” and start looking for their crates. They prefer to crate up before we run in slides.


  • The coach is equipped with an auto-leveling system. All we are supposed to have to do is find our ideal space, park, press the on button, press the auto button, and wait for the process to finish. Needless to say, the system did not work. Therefore, the fourth thing we learned was how to manually level the coach.
  • One day I walked into the bathroom and the rugs were soaked. A strange dirty smell permeated the air. I noticed standing water in the shower. Uh oh! A backup in the grey water system. No…an over-full grey water tank. We learned we really need to keep an eye on the level of grey water, particularly when we have been doing laundry! Easy fix on this one, drain the grey water and do another load of wash to clean up the rugs!

Watch for the release of my e-book to help new full-timers get outfitted without spending a lot of money. I’ll help you determine which items many of the outdoor, camping, and RV stores try and make you believe are essential to a successful RV living experience you should buy and which can wait or never be bought. Some if this will depend on your lifestyle and I’ll help you prioritize! The book should be ready for release this summer and I’ll keep you posted on its progress.

See you on the pavement!


3 thoughts on “The first five things we learned about our rolling home

  1. I would never have guessed it would be different than a car for the dogs. I thought they’d be happy to have more space, didn’t think about the motion being different.


  2. We thought the same thing! You can imagine our surprise when they wanted the confines of their crates. Just goes to show we don’t know how our animals will react for sure in any given situation.


  3. I guess you have to push every button and make sure it all works or have a warranty. Poor Mike driving with the shade down.


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