First timer set up debacle

We received a Thousand Trails zone camping pass when we purchased the coach. Mike quickly made a reservation at the Thousand Trails near Lake Conroe. We safely drive to our first destination on cloud nine to be out of the hotel. It is amazing how old it gets staying in a hotel, eating meals out, and taking the dogs with us everywhere!

We found a site, took a look at it and thought, “This will be perfect!” Thus began what we, in our innocence, thought would be an easy set up. Mike pulled the coach into the site and we started to set up. 

Here’s where we learned the auto leveling system did not work. We also learned we had no idea how to operate the system. Mike being the “button pusher” type, started pushing buttons and started that “focusing on the problem” thing he does so well. After trying for, oh at least a half hour, he got the instructions out. To be honest, they weren’t much help.

The other issue, every time we tried to level, the air would be released from the suspension causing the coach to lower substantially. It lowered so far the steps could not be extended all the way out from the door. Obviously, this was a bad site! So, we moved down the row a bit and started again.

This time we got the coach relatively level. A feat of which we were extremely proud! Mike then connected the electricity and sewer systems. Everything worked! We ran out the slides and viola! our house was situated. 

Being January, the park wasn’t full by any means. The weather was nice most of the time it did get cold and we had a bit if rain. One morning Mike had frost buildup on his shoes an inch or so thick when he took the dogs out. Oh, I almost forgot, we learned our ceiling heating system didn’t work when the temperature dropped below 40F.

Little did we know, the most difficult was yet to come. We had to outfit our home from the floor up!

Happy travels ’till next time!


2 thoughts on “First timer set up debacle

  1. We bought a class A With levelers recently. My husband is also the button pushing type and torqued the coach to where our windshield shattered. Additionally yesterday we found out the entire shaft of one leveler busted. The RV repair shop had never seen that happen before. There’s more, lots more. But you get the picture whT not reading manuals can cause.


    1. Ah yes! Wow! Shattered the windshield. That is intense! We also have a leg that isn’t working properly. The system is electric and the leg “slipped” on its track. Sine then it’s never been quite right. We are going to Red Bay, AL in the early spring. Hoping to have saved enough to get hydraulics put in. We had a site that was like that once…happened in a KOA. By that time I had learned how to use the system and it is one of my “jobs” to level the coach. No matter what I did…would not level. Finally told my husband and they moved us. Leveled right up in the new site. So, sometimes it is the site.

      I’m sure we will experience the “more” you refer to. Our hope is that as we have these experiences, neither of us gets hurt! We hope that for you as well!


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