So you want to live like a nomad?

Taking the next step was a bit harder than buying the car. The motorhome we had seen online several times was advertised by PPL Motorhomes. Guess what? They happened to be in Houston! Here is a perfect example of how God made provision for us to return from Belize. We headed over to PPL on a Monday. We were given a list of available coaches, told to take our time, and let them know if we had any questions. Super low pressure! Out to the lot we went. We looked at everything available 40 feet and over and the coach we had seen so many times online was still available.

Some of you might be wondering why the 40 foot minimum? We talked to some friends with motor coach experience who advised us that 40 would be the minimum for us to be comfortable. Meaning, we would not be cramped or constantly in one another’s way all the time. Others might be wondering, why a motor coach? We decided on a motor coach because the ability to travel was a huge priority for us. Otherwise, we could have simply found a piece of property and gone with a well designed tiny house.

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After looking at several coaches we kept returning to the one we liked when we were looking online. The floor plan is open with a dinette rather than a booth. The living area has two leather chairs with footstools rather than a sofa. A love seat is nestled into the space a the end of the kitchen counter which features an residential size double sink and side-by-side refrigerator. There is no typical oven creating additional cupboard space. Instead, the microwave is also a convection oven. The bathroom is spacious with a residential shower stall. The only area a bit cramped is the bedroom which, while featuring a walk around queen bed, is a tight fit on one side and a step up on the other making navigation a little difficult. We have adjusted to this minor inconvenience, noticeable only when making the bed or getting up at night. Storage space is abundant inside as well as under the coach. It is hard to imagine hauling so much that all our space is utilized.

The only change we have made to date has been to replace the carpet of which there is only a small amount in the living area and wall-to-wall in the bedroom. The rest of the flooring is grouted tile which was filthy. I actually did not know how dirty until I started cleaning it–spending five and a half hours and earning myself swollen knees and another project. Sealing the grout is at the top of my project list since I never want to walk on a floor that dirty or experience cleaning the grout like that again!

imageNext time I’ll tell you about our first campground!

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4 thoughts on “So you want to live like a nomad?

  1. It sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Always home in a coach. You will have family and friends from the west coast to the east coast. Prayers that the grace and peace of God is always with you. Enjoy the blog updates.


    1. Thank you Diane. We are really looking forward to spending time in Castle Rock for July. Going to family camp too! Thank you for being a prayer warrior for us!


  2. Hi Renae,

    I love your blog. I really do like minimalist living. Bob and I successfully lived in a 450 sq. ft. bachelor’s suite for a little over a year, Then we moved up to spacious 600 sq. ft., haha!!! I am cheating though because we always maintained a full size home in Whistler. We are moving again and I am going to be ruthless about what stays and what goes.

    Unfortunately we can’t be nomads as Bob is still working but we try to travel as much as possible.
    I love reading about your lifestyle. I have never feared completely changing my lifestyle, including immigrating to a new country. I guess never having roots as a child gave me that gift.

    Happy adventures!

    Jamie xo


    1. Hi Jamie! Thank you for your kind words. We are really enjoying the lifestyle and looking forward to August when we leave to go east for the fall colors and then down the eastern seaboard.

      You will have to be ruthless, I had no choice because if it didn’t fit in the suitcase, it wasn’t coming home. Nice, if we don’t have room at home….nope! Makes it really easy. I have never felt as free. It’s amazing to let go of all that STUFF. It has helped me learn to make respectful choices in many areas of my life I had no idea needed attention!

      Have a great summer!


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