Sorry! Really I’m Still Here!

teeterWow! Life sure took a left turn we didn’t see coming. When we moved to Belize my parents moved with us. As you know, Mom kept getting sicker and sicker and nothing seemed to help. Finally, the doctor told her she should go home.

Well, that was a nightmare for my parents. Who knew it was hard to ship belongings back to the states. No one ever talks about what to do if your move doesn’t work out. The least expensive rate Mom could find was $2,700 US for a container. The problem…not enough stuff to fill a container. Just household goods and such. Mom carefully went through their belongings, choosing the most important things to have upon their return. We sent them home in October and I’m happy to report she is doing substantially better.

We prayed about our next steps and were led to return to the States. This was a very difficult decision as we now have many good friends in Corozal as well as a church and ministry we enjoyed tremendously. In our case, family trumped our desires as we believed we really needed to be in the area for my parents when my brother left for his job in AK. We talked to our landlord and while he kept our small security deposit, he returned our pet deposit in its entirety. He’s an awesome guy and we enjoyed his home for three months.

imageWe returned to the States, Houston, TX to be precise, January 17 with four suitcases and three dogs. Some of you might remember we had five dogs when we arrived in Belize. Tory, one of our Bichon’s returned with my parents and our toy poodle passed away. We brought her ashes back in a small chest and she is traveling with us in our motorhome. We will sprinkle her ashes on the property in Silverlake before we leave the area in the fall. (More on that later!)

imageWe felt God did not want us to go back to the way were living…you know…house, yard, stuff. We had been googling motor coaches since determining we needed to return and the same coach, conveniently located in Houston, kept popping up on the list for two months. We loved the layout and decided to check and see if it was still available when we returned. We rented a car at the airport and checked into the LaQuinta near the Houston Airport. I must say, we love  LaQuinta! They are pet friendly and the rooms are awesome, unlike other pet friendly hotels we have had the misfortune to stay.

As you know, renting a car and staying in a hotel can get spendy pretty quickly. We set off looking for a car so we could return the rental. We had yet to look for a motor coach but had spoken to friends and researched towing a vehicle. We determined we wanted a vehicle that we could tow flat (no trailer) and would be light enough a secondary braking system for use while towing would not be required.

We started at the Ford dealership. It was a quick stop as the knowledgeable staff said the only option meeting our criteria old be a F150 pickup. For us, a pickup was out of the question. We wanted something we would be able to easily transport the dogs as well as some cargo (like a few groceries) with ease.

We had discussed the possibility of a Honda CRV but vetoed the idea. Why? Mostly because we just don’t like the looks. Shallow, yep! However, we knew this purchase was one we would have to live with for quite a while and decided we wanted to enjoy whatever vehicle we were driving. Hence, we headed over to Huyundai.

imageWe didn’t look at cars, simply went in and told them our requirements. Imagine our surprise when the salesman said, “I think our Veloster would work great.” We went and took a look, loved the look, great gas mileage, leather interior, back seat perfect for the dogs, a hatch for cargo and only 2,700 lbs. so no braking package required! Wins all the way around! Our salesman went the extra mile and double-triple checked the car would meet our needs after we bought a motor coach. Four days after we returned, we bought a car. The next six days are a whirlwind! I’ll fill you in soon!

See you soon!



3 thoughts on “Sorry! Really I’m Still Here!

  1. Wondering what was affecting your mom’s health, the heat, humidity? My daughter moved to Florida and would like me to eventually move there someday, but I have RA and osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I wonder if it would be a bad move for me.


    1. Hi Gina. Mom was super sensitive to the foods. Particularly fruits and veggies. It is a third world country so they fertilize with raw fecal matter from their animals and such. As a result, e-coli affects many. If your system is compromised, you can’t get rid of it. Also, they don’t have the same powerful antibiotics we use. The humidity was hard but it was way worse than any we have experienced in the US. It was 110 with over 90% humidity (common during their summer) which probably exacerbated her situation.


      1. Thanks, that helps. I’ll stay in the Northwest. A few of my meds weaken the immune system and I get a lot of colds. Food would probably mess me up and I couldn’t take the heat and humidity. We were in So Cal recently and the one humid day there almost wiped me out.


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