Many Changes for Us!

corozalWe have been in Corozal for three months as of October 14! It has most certainly been a wild ride. The weather here has been super hot on a consistent basis.  When I say “hot” I mean “hot.”  It has been in the 90s for quite some time but feels like it is over 100 because of the high humidity. It is supposed to be substantially cooler, in the mid 80s, for the next few days. It will be humid because it rained but a break from the heat will be welcome as I have suffered severe headaches as a result of the heat which makes it difficult for me to keep hydrated.

mosquitoIt is the tail-end of the rainy season making it also mosquito season. The mosquitos are small and hurt when they bite. They are also super fast so they are difficult to kill. This time of year it has been difficult to go outside, for even a couple of minutes, without deet. Bites hurt for a minute or two and then itch. If they are not scratched they stop itching in a short period of time. Applying lavender oil on the bite immediately provides the best relief as it works quickly. Because the mosquitos are ferocious and prolific, heart worm is an issue for dogs. It is important to be sure to treat the dogs for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos regularly. We use Advantix, a topical formula applied monthly.

Mom and Dad took Cheech (their dog) and Tory (one of ours) and flew home on the 13th. I have not talked to them since they left (but it has only been two days!). As soon as they get phone and internet we will be back in touch. Some of you might be wondering why Mom and Dad went home. Mom has been ill since we arrived. She did see a doctor here and received wonderful treatment. However, the Z-Pack of antibiotics is what she needs and it is not available here. Also, the doctor believes she would not acclimate because her immune system is compromised making her susceptible to anything that might come along and attack. I miss them already. I am happy the home they had been living in has not sold. Mom and Dad will be living there and taking care of it for us. God decided the house was not going to sell because He knew we were going to need it so Mom and Dad could go home with relative ease. Please do not get me wrong, they have lots of work to do–getting a car, getting furniture, outfitting the kitchen and a lot more. They are in a position where they must set up house keeping as if they were newlyweds…without the advantage of having had wedding showers or wedding gifts. The challenge is immense!

Mike and I are staying in Belize. We believe with our hearts God wants us to see the year out. We have been working hard at Cornerstone Presbyterian High School to get the library together. While the library is not yet fully catalogued and organized, we were able to open for kids to check out books for their upcoming book reports. We had a wonderful time meeting kids and helping them find books they would enjoy. One young man came in and said, “Are there any Dan Brown books in this library?” Unfortunately, Dan Brown is not an author we have available. He did find a book about King Arthur he thought he would enjoy. To update the library we are praying God provides donations of new top-selling fiction authors. We are researching how those donations can be made and will provide information as we locate answers.

NewHomeNot only did Mom and Dad have to pack to move, once we paid the rent for October, we received an email the next day informing us we would need to move by November 1. Needless to say it was a shock, albeit not unwelcome. Our current home has an attached garage sharing a corner of our bedroom. Above the garage is a small one bedroom apartment. The sound carries right up to the occupant of the apartment. She can hear everything we are doing in our house and we can hear her TV at times. We were fortunate to find a new place because we are on he cusp of the tourist season. We rented for six months beginning October 15. It is a single family house with two bedroom and one bathroom, open concept kitchen and living room, a huge fully fenced yard for the dogs, and a fully screened front porch for catching the cool Caribbean breeze. Best of all, the rent is approximately one-third what we had been paying. God is certainly good and our worry about finding a new place to live proved to be unfounded as with all our worries.

One thought on “Many Changes for Us!

  1. So good to hear that you are in a more suitable house. Sorry about your parents moving back. Praying God keeps you busy helping others, so you will have a happy heart. It sounds like the school is very blessed to have you and Mike help out with computers and library ministry. God knows what people need and He is able to meet those needs through the body of Christ, if only we would listen, trust and obey. I just about broke out singing the hymn “Trust and Obey” for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. Prayers for you both to stay well. We are into the routine of Fall around here. Home groups, Bible studies, soccer games, holiday planning for home and church. I have about 30 women on Tursday mornings, studying 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Still going into the jail about once a month and sharing the gospel and praying with the female inmates. God is amazing, He always shows up and moves mountains. I am humbled to be of service in the Lords work. I am sure you both feel that way, too. I have had my granddaughters quite a bit, lately. My daughter in love had to go to Texas for work training and my son leaves very early in the a.m. For his job. So, last week the little girls spent the night from Saturday through Wednesday. I took them to their very first Christian concert last Sat. In Portland at the New Hope Community Church by Clackamas Shopping Mall. We saw Matthew West and Francesca Battistelli, they were awesome. The girls want to go again, soon. Well, I am baking cookies for children’s church tomorrow, so will sign off for now. May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Love Diane


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