Found A Church

We have settled into attending Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church here in Corozal. Pastor Juan Patt has answered God’s call to minister to the people of Corozal and Belize through this church. He is blessed with the gift of preaching, teaching, and music. He is fluent in English and Spanish. When he teaches or preaches […]

Our Belizean Clothes Washer

Hey everyone! We have moved into our new place. No pictures just yet because we are still getting settled. Today I tried to do laundry with the Belizean washing machine. As you can see, it has three knobs for selections on the top and two compartments. The water supply hose is only connected to cold […]

Many Changes for Us!

We have been in Corozal for three months as of October 14! It has most certainly been a wild ride. The weather here has been super hot on a consistent basis.  When I say “hot” I mean “hot.”  It has been in the 90s for quite some time but feels like it is over 100 because of the […]