Art in the Park!

ArtFlyerArt in the park is held every month on the second Saturday. Local craft makers and cooks are out around the park. Saturday’s event was the six year anniversary of the event here in Corozal. To mark the occasion there was a live band playing Christian music. The lead singer also teaches at the Corozal Community College and has two young daughters whom he brought on stage for one of his songs. The girls love to dance! The event was very well attended by locals and expats alike.

MikeandIArtinParkMike and I had dinner. For $2BZ each we had three crunchy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, marinated onions, and cheese with cantaloupe juice to drink. Yep, cantaloupe juice! Yummy! In the states we would never consider, at least I would not, juicing a cantaloupe. The cost is prohibitive. However, here in beautiful Belize, it is common to find fresh made cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, and orange juice.

This was the first evening since we arrived we felt good enough to be out an about. The heat has been amazing! By days end we are wiped out! So, it was nice to get out of the house and we actually knew a few people! Our landlord was there with a friend, our neighbors across the street, a gentleman we met at church, a family we know from church, and several expats we met when we attended our neighbors birthday party. It was nice to know some faces as it really helps us feel like we are a part of rather than apart from.

The music was wonderful! A beautiful Reggae/Caribbean Christian music by MessnJah. David Smith Muzic was supposed to have been there but apparently the bus was late or something, I could not quite catch the reason. However, his music is also inspirational and beautiful! You can listen to a preview of his upcoming album on SoundCloud via the link above. Event organizers stated the purpose for the selection of musicians was to provide youth an example of Belizean’s making choices to engage in activities that uplift and inspire. We were certainly blessed!


The fountain is the central feature of Corozal city park. There are wide walkways entering the park from the four corners of the block and from the mid-point along the edges. The park is easily accessed and can hold many people without feeling crowded. There are benches and cement edges providing room for many to sit comfortably. During the day, the park’s many trees provide shade and a breeze blows almost all the time. The structures of the park are painted a Caribbean green and yellow. All the city buildings are painted the same green. The park was actually built after hurricane Janet decimated Corozal in 1955. After the city was destroyed, engineers designed the town for modern electricity, water, and sewage control. Corozal is one of the only engineered cities in Belize–there is quite a lot of information on the hurricane’s effects and the rebuilding on the town’s web site. Enjoying the park has perks too! BTL provides free WiFi coverage for the park. For those of us on a budget, that is a pretty cool feature as data is expensive.

The clock tower, back and to the left, sits at the edge of the park. It is a four-faced clock and chimes on the hour as well as each quarter hour–quite softly in my opinion. The music and activities were rambunctious and I found myself missing the chimes. It seemed somewhat unusual as most public clocks chime so loud it is impossible to maintain a conversation. Not this clock, one must purposely sit and listen for the chimes!

Art2 Art5 Art4

Pictures were somewhat difficult to take, as you can see. There were large lights set up around the park making it easy to see wares for sale but casting harsh shadows unfriendly to the camera.

It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to next month!

2 thoughts on “Art in the Park!

  1. Hello Renae and Mike, I enjoyed your last two blogs. I would love to listen to Carribean Christian music in a live setting. That sounds like a fun activity to look forward to, every month. I’m glad you have made a few friends to socialize with. Hoping you are both well and enjoying your new challenges. God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace. In His love, Diane King


  2. I am so happy to find your blog. I am 70 yrs old this year, and planning to move to Corazol within the next 18 months. It will just be me and my dog. I hope to help kids and animals, and enjoy a healthy slower life.
    Recently I have been warned that Belize is very dangerous now. This has made me hesitate. I plan to drive down from Texas with minor personal things and few home items. I had hoped to rent a furnished 1 bedroom or even studio type place and live on my SS which is around 1500 US. You have given me hope again. Thank you.


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