Art in the Park!

Art in the park is held every month on the second Saturday. Local craft makers and cooks are out around the park. Saturday’s event was the six year anniversary of the event here in Corozal. To mark the occasion there was a live band playing Christian music. The lead singer also teaches at the Corozal […]

Immigration Day

One of the rules in Belize is you have to renew your visitor permit every 30 days. For us, this occurs around the 9th day of every month. It is an interesting process! First, we go to the office of immigration. We walk in through a glass sliding door into a lobby/waiting area. Cameras are […]

I’ve Gone Back to the Future!

We are privileged to minister to the kids age 13 to 17 at Cornerstone Presbyterian High School. We started by helping set up the computer lab with 24 computers running windows 8 with Office 2013 installed on each unit. There were no worries about drivers for ancillary devices making it a bit easier.¬†As with most […]