Why Belize?

When we talked to people about moving out of the country, one of the first questions was: “Why Belize?”

belizemapThere are several reasons but the foremost is God told us to go here. After that, well, nothing really compares. There are some huge benefits to the country and the district chosen. As far as Belize goes, the Belizian dollar is anchored to the U.S. dollar at two Belize to one U.S. dollars. It is easy to know how much money we are spending, unlike in Mexico where the exchange rate varies wildly and happens to be 16 pesos to the dollar today. Belize’s official language is English making it easy to do business, get directions, and the like.

Belize is a small country, about the size of Massachusettes with a population of about 330,000 people. Many acres of wild jungle juxtaposed with the second largest barrier reef in the world, the beauty is indescribable.

Another consideration was our dogs. Belize has a fairly easy process for bringing in pets without a quarantine period. By the way, the dogs are acclimatizing well! Better than we expected. Also, we took Bree and Zoe to a groomer in Corozal town. Mary was wonderful and the dogs did well. The prices of services are very reasonable. Mary charged $65BZ each or $32.50US. The dogs received the same grooming services they would have in the states. Another example, I had my nails filled and a pedicure for $40BZ.

Since my parents moved here also the language and simple currency exchange is helping them to adjust to a very different lifestyle. Our landlord is American but has been here 15+ years. It’s easy to think since she is American, renting from her will be like renting at home. Not so much! All of the service to our homes is provided by Belize businesses. So, when we have a problem with the cable or the internet it takes some time (as in days) to get those issues addressed. I am constantly reminding myself to remember I must go slow as it seems that being rushed an trying to be pushy will only get you put on the bottom of the list. Another example, we get water delivery. The company says they come Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon. All you do is put out your empty jugs so they know you need product and they will stop. Well there doesn’t seam to be any rhyme or reason for the days they come. Even stranger, the truck carrying water for delivery is a Coca-Cola truck whereas the truck for soda delivery has the water company logo on the side.

Now, why Corozal? There are medical, dental, and pharmacy services available. Not just one as in the small villages, a selection of choices! Corozal is wonderfully situated on the Bay of Chetumal. Our home is on a quiet street about a half a block from the water. There are many markets available and a wonderful open air market retailers stocked by the Mennonites (mostly). Much of the produce is grown by Mennonites or small Belizian farmers. The very best is available on Monday, but it is important to get there early or the best produce is gone. Corozal is only nine miles from the Mexican border. Chetumal is right across the border, a huge major metropolitan city complete with a mall, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Applebee’s.

Once we cross the border everything is completely different. The roads are much better and have signage to provide direction. There is air conditioning almost everywhere we go. We are making the trip on Tuesday to visit pharmacies and do some shopping.

One thought on “Why Belize?

  1. I just found and read your blog and am now all caught up. I emailed Mike last week but didn’t get a response so maybe his email is not working. I’m amazed at all the stuff you left and want to make sure what you want me to do with it all. I’ll be glad to keep it for a year but as I don’t need all of it I could give it to others who do. I want to make sure before I do. We all miss you both and am still looking to see what the Lord is going to do with and for you there. I heard your folks’ house sale fell through. Is that correct? Thanks again for the Target card. I just found out yesterday how much is on it and bought new sheets for a couple of my beds upstairs. They were very old and needed replaced. I appreciate being able to get them. Hope to hear from you soon. Lindarae


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