Abby and the Cane Toad

We had no idea there were poisonous toads here in Central America! By the way, there are some poisonous snakes too! A couple weeks ago Abby was outside for the nightly before bed ablution. She whipped around the side of the house and was hopping side to side, making very little distance.  Mike saw she […]

A Visit to the Veterinarian

We knew it would happen sooner or later, we had to take a couple of the dogs to the vet. Tracy, our 15 year old poodle, has a strange growth on one of her paws. Zoe, our maltese-bishon mix, has been obsessively chewing her feet since we arrived. So, off to the vet we go! We […]

Trying to Find a Church!

Visiting churches is hard work! So far we have visited four. New Beginnings Church was the first we visited. Worship service started at 8:30 am. Yes! I said, 8:30 am. As it turns out Pastor Doug is our neighbor, a very nice man from the U.S. Very nice group of people, a mix of expats […]

Honestly, What Have I Done?

When starting this story of my journey and experiences in Belize, I promised I would be honest and transparent. Not only would I write about the good, unique, and humorous but also the heartache and sadness I feel. Yes, it is true I am living a life many only dream about. As with most things, […]

Why Belize?

When we talked to people about moving out of the country, one of the first questions was: “Why Belize?” There are several reasons but the foremost is God told us to go here. After that, well, nothing really compares. There are some huge benefits to the country and the district chosen. As far as Belize […]