17 Days

AdventureWow, it has been 17 days since we started the journey bringing us to Belize. I’ve been exhausted up until now and able to do the essentials. Unpacking boxes, getting organized, moving furniture, and the like is onerous in the heat. Thus, the long wait between posts! Happy to report the Lord is restoring me to good health and increased energy day by day. Yesterday was the first day a nap was not required!

The road trip from Castle Rock to Houston was infinitely more challenging than anticipated! Long hot days with nothing to look at, five restless dogs, and four tired humans. The first two days were relatively easy as the excitement lingered with us as we traveled and marveled at God’s provision for our move. Our movements became mechanical by the third day of the drive as weariness became our constant companion. The final day of the drive was by far the hardest. At one point I found myself thinking, “Why is my mouth hanging open?” Apparently I had been dead asleep in the passenger seat for quite some time. That in itself is a feat as sleeping comes difficult in any moving vehicle–plane, train, bus, or automobile.

Our Last American Supper at Good Eats in Houston.

It was with much relief we checked into the La Quinta near the Houston airport. Two rooms for the first time and a couple of days to regroup and run errands before our fight left on Tuesday at o’dark thirty. We ate three or four times at Cracker Barrel and twice at Good Eats getting our fill of American cuisine before departing.

timechangeIt never crossed our minds to think about the changes in time we would experience as we traveled. We lost our first hour on the first day, arriving in Boise an hour later than anticipated. The second hour disappeared around Wichita Falls, Texas, where we found ourselves arriving again an hour later than expected. Needless to say, that threw all of us for a loop! An hour was gained when we arrived in Houston and time has now stopped hopping around! I’m grateful Central America does not observe daylight savings time!  For now, we are one hour ahead of friends and family–when they “fall back” the difference will two hours making it a bit challenging to chat!

Tracy at Renae’s feet on the plane.
Tracy sleeping next to Mom and Abby trying to slide down next to her!

They were good travelers but have had some trouble adjusting to the new sounds, particularly cars, trucks, and voices. Belizean people have a definite accent to their speech which throws the dogs off a bit. Tracy, our 15 year old toy poodle did excellent in her crate under the seat in front of me on the plane. She also slept most of the way in the car with Abby trying to slide into her place between Mom and Dad…she thought she was so sneaky! Cheech (Mom and Dad’s dog) adjusted to traveling quite easily, surprising all of us since she is such a home body. Tory, Zoe, and Bree were fine in the car. The plane was a bit of a different story.

We had to purchase crates for two of the dogs to fly cargo. When I say crates, I mean crates! These are industrial strength bolted together and zip tied too! At least three of our dogs could lay comfortably in one. We would never have bought crates that big on our own so we were glad to have waited until we arrived in Houston to get them directly from Delta’s cargo shipment division. It turns out that was a great idea because anything smaller would not have met airline specifications. Abby and Tory were the lucky ones for that adventure, although I’m sure they would not agree. Bree, Zoe, Tracy, and Cheech were in carriers at our feet. Cheech struggled the most as she absolutely hates the crate. Worse yet, when the cargo was delivered in the airport at Belize City, the cacophony Abby and Tory created was amazing! Unfortunately, they had to wait to get out of their crates until we cleared them through the Belize Agriculture and Health Authority (BAHA). Believe me, they were not happy about their hour wait, especially once they heard and saw us!

Our taxi was waiting at the airport when we arrived at 10:30 am. Eladio waited patiently for us to clear customs, immigration and BAHA. He was very friendly, well educated, and comfortable answering questions…of which we had many during the two hour ride to Corozal. After the rigamarole at the airport, we arrived safely at our new abode around 2:30 or so. First, things first, we hit the pool!

The dogs are adjusting, as are we. I am appreciative of the air conditioning in our home to use when the humidity hits us hard. Generally, a wonderful breeze blows off the water providing a most relaxing and comfortable temperature.

Our house!

4 thoughts on “17 Days

  1. So happy to read that all is well in Belize! I’m looking forward to reading more. When we do take our trip to your country I’ll let you know so that if you need anything we can bring it with us. You are a super family and wish you the best!


  2. I hope you are getting all settled in and feeling like you are where you belong. Have any open doors for ministry happened yet? Did you find a church home yet? How are your dogs doing? Miss your presence at church. God work in you both and through you both for His glory. Keep up the journaling. You are a good writer.


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