Who Would Have Thought?

Six months ago if you would have told me I would quit my job and move to Belize, I would have laughed out loud. No, I mean really laughed out loud. One of those full belly laughs that borders on hysteria. You see, I was preparing for my husband to retire in February and wrap my mind around the idea that he had arrived at that place while I had just finished my master’s degree a bit over a year before. It never crossed my mind that I would retire! I loved my job helping volunteers advocate for abused and neglected children through the local Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program. I lived in the most beautiful place in the world, at least in the summer! My husband and I were enjoying our country life. Our kids are grown and the boomerang phase appeared over. We were getting fit, playing with our five dogs, cycling, and traveling.
We always planned to move somewhere and start work in a ministry together when we retired. I just didn’t realize retirement was coming for me so soon. It soon became obvious our 1800+ square foot home was entirely too big as just the two of us were rattling around in there. It really was a bit much. Also, we tried to be foster parents but that door was slammed shut so we figured there was something else out there God wanted for us. That was affirmed immediately when the house sold on the first day it was on the market. I kid you not, it sold he first day it was on the market. Coincidence, we didn’t think so and set to work trying to find a place to rent with our five dogs. We wanted to rent for about a year so we could see what path we should take. Needless to say, there was nothing suitable for us. Either the location was bad (and by bad it was potentially dangerous) or the price was out of the ballpark. A wonderful woman at church found out about our predicament and told us to come live in her house. We had no idea when she said she had a separate apartment it would be fully furnished and beautifully located close to church and my office complete with separate driveway and entrance. And, the pups were welcome with open arms too!
In May we took a vacation to Belize to find a place for my parents to live. Not only did we accomplish that feat but also found a place for us too. Yep, a place for us and our five dogs. The Copa Banana will be our new home. We will be living in the Main Guest House. It’s in Corozal, about nine miles from the Mexican border. Beautiful place with three bedrooms and bathrooms, freshwater pool, and a half a block from the water. Even I couldn’t argue with that message. I must confess it took some time to come to terms with this plan as I’m not always willing to follow God’s plan. However, once I got on board things really started moving! We were still thinking we would stay in our basement apartment for at least six moths. When we move to Belize we will have stayed only four and a half months!

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