Life is Made for Living and Here’s How I’m Going About Doing My Part


Hey there!  So, I thought I’d start blogging.  In a way it serves as a journal but also gives you a peek into my journey living life. For now I will focus from the present time and forward.  First, there has been a major life change. It happened suddenly but I knew it was coming.  I know, it sounds strange but it’s true. You see, we planned for my husband to retire in February for over a year. We knew we would probably have to sell our home and find something else but that all seemed very doable.

I had earned my master’s degree in Psychology in October 2013…not even two years ago and was working at a wonderful non-profit in western Washington, Cowlitz County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). I had the privilege of helping volunteers learn to advocate for the abused and neglected children in our community and to advocate for some of them myself. A very rewarding position that I greatly enjoyed and actually loved. I actually looked forward to going to work every day!  Yeah, I know…I enjoyed going to work. The Washington Post reported only 13% of people worldwide enjoy going to work (McGregor, 2013). That’s a pretty scary number to think about. So, of a world population over 7.1 billion people, only 923 million actually like going to work and I was blessed to be counted among them.

Aerial of Blue Hole.
Aerial of Blue Hole.

The change crept up when we went on vacation to Belize in May. We were there for the first two weeks of the month and had a wonderful time. We achieved the goal of finding a place for my parents to live while we were there. We swam with sharks, snorkeled the second largest barrier reef in the world, traveled around the country from Corozal to Placencia, and out to Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. Beautiful country! With two weeks there we still didn’t have time to visit the Mayan ruins, visit any churches, see the blue hole, or visit the jungles.

Fast forward a little bit and I found myself giving my notice at work as we are moving to Belize in July. We leave July 7 and are driving to Houston. Houston, as you know, is having it’s share of problems with flooding right now with tropical storm Bill. Hopefully things will have cleared up for everyone by then and not much damage will be done. Why are we driving to Houston and not just flying to Belize? Well, we have five dogs and are traveling with my parents who also have a dog for a total of six furry friends. The airline limits each passenger to one dog so we can have four dogs in the cabin meaning two have to be shipped as cargo. In the summer, if the temperature is too hot the airline won’t fly dogs in cargo with a transfer. It’s too hot now so we are driving to catch the flight in Houston and go direct into Belize City. An interesting side note…If you fly first or business class there can be only two dogs in the section but there can be four in extended coach/coach. I guess that means there could actually be six dogs on the plane but since there are only four us…well you get the idea.

Thus began the preparation for an international move!

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